For Tom or Traces (2016)

For Tenor Sax, humming and 5 different sized speakers.

Tom Soloveitzik – Tenor sax. Hateiva, Tel Aviv


Summer 2014, War Again (2014)

For soprano sax., cello, piano, bowed cymbal & electronics

Musica Nova Consort, Hateiva, Tel Aviv.

Sometime a Sound is heard (2013)

For toy piano & humming

Shira Legman – Toy pIano

The Room Dances Festival 2013, Hateiva Tel Aviv, Leo Model, Jerusalem.

Alone (2012)

For cello solo & street sounds,

Dan Weinstein – Cello

Barbur Jerusalem; Musrara Mix 12 Festival, Musrara, Jerusalem

Lavender Blue (2007)

For cello contrabass and electronics

Fabien Van eck – Cello; Danny Felsteiner – Contrabass

Hateiva, tel Aviv, The Khan, Jerusalem